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    CLIECK HERE – 2016 First Quarter Apartment Market Update

    Every year real estate proves itself to be one of the most secure and profitable types of investment that you can make – especially multi-family housing. When managed properly, the apartment building is one type of real estate that can provide consistent long term financial returns. Doug Taber is a professional real estate broker that specializes in apartment buildings for sale in San Diego, California. We have been matching our clients with income generating apartment buildings for years and we have a long list of satisfied clients who continue to make substantial rental income through their San Diego apartment buildings that they purchased with the help of Doug Taber at


    Based on current data, 2016 appears to be a great time to buy or sell apartment buildings in San Diego. Seller’s are enjoying increased demand for their properties – allowing for a higher sale price. Buyers are enjoying historically low interest rates. With San Diego apartment vacancy rates holding steady at just under 3%, San Diego apartment rental space is valuable and profitable for anyone who owns it. The low apartment vacancy rate across San Diego County is due at least in part to the continued high cost of home ownership in the area. With these low apartment vacancy rates, the average rental rate is expected to continue rising at a rate of 3% to 5% in most apartment sub-markets. Another factor that is contributing to increased profitability for San Diego apartment building owners is the fact that fewer new apartment buildings are scheduled for completion in San Diego this year than were completed last year.


    The benefits of owning one of the apartment buildings for sale in San Diego is that it can generate income on a monthly basis for you as the owner. With the help of a third party apartment management company, you can cash monthly rental checks without ever having to show an apartment, fix a toilet, conduct a renter background check, or do any of the other things that are commonly associated with managing a rental property. Because apartment buildings can generate steady monthly cash flow for their owners, they can hold their value much better than many single family homes – even during certain depressions in the housing market. In other words, there’s a good chance you will be able to profit from the sale of your apartment building in the future in the event you want to sell your San Diego apartment building. When you want to sell your San Diego apartment building – Doug Taber at Apartment Realty Group – consistently exceeds his client’s expectations. He can help you get your apartment building on the market and attract offers from interested investors. Testimonials.

    CLIECK HERE – 2016 First Quarter Apartment Market Update
    For those who want to purchase an apartment building the timing has rarely been better to start shopping for apartment buildings for sale in San Diego. Interests rates continue to be at historic lows, and San Diego apartment occupancy rates continue to be very high.

    For more information on apartment buildings for sale in San Diego, get in touch with Doug Taber at (619) 483-1031 or visit He’ll guide you through every step of the selling and buying process.