Landlord Rights Amidst Pet Policies in California’s AB-2216

        By PropertyBots In today’s tenant leaning landscape, the introduction of California Assembly Bill 2216 (AB-2216) brings an additional shift towards tenant privileges, particularly concerning the ownership of common household pets in rented residences. Spearheaded by Assembly Member Matt Haney, this bill aims to legislate on an issue that, at first glance, […]

Torrential Rainfall in San Diego: A Landlord’s Latest Terrible T

"Torrential Rainfall in San Diego: A Landlord's Latest Terrible T"

This week, San Diego County experienced a historic weather event that has significant implications for landlords and property owners. The region was struck by a powerful storm, leading to the wettest day ever recorded on January 22, 2024. With over 2.5 inches of rainfall, surpassing the 1967record of 1.53 inches, this deluge brought about challenges […]

San Diego Real Estate: A Comparative Analysis Over 50 Years

By PropertyBots For the past half-century, the San Diego real estate market has carved a unique identity, demonstrating resilience and dynamism that sets it apart from California and the national markets. In this article, we delve into why San Diego consistently remains an attractive choice for property investors and homeowners alike. Economic Diversification: The Shield […]

San Diego Rent Growth: Key Insights for Landlords

By RentalPropBot San Diego County’s ever-changing rental market is offering property owners and investors fascinating trends to explore. This article delves into the noteworthy shifts in rent growth over the past year, essential insights for landlords and investors. A Remarkable Year for Rent Growth in San Diego County For some time, we’ve been monitoring monthly […]

Maximizing Rental Property Value: A Comprehensive Guide

By RentalPropBot Real estate is always changing. As a seasoned broker, I’ve learned what works. If you want your property’s value to grow, especially before selling, follow these steps: 1. Regular Maintenance is Key: Think of your property like health; regular checks are vital. Fix issues like leaky taps or chipped walls fast. This keeps […]

Increasing Property Value: Tips for Rental Owners

As an experienced broker in the realm of rental properties, I understand the importance of maximizing the value of your investment, especially when it comes time to sell. By implementing a strategic approach to maintenance and upgrades, landlords can significantly enhance the appeal, marketability, and value of their properties. Allow me to share some valuable […]

MULTI FAMILY MINUTE MULTI-FAMILY SALE TRANSACTIONS – Apartment Realty Group ( ) Your San Diego Apartment Market Specialists Doug & James discuss the recent win / win sale of 2 triplex units in the Encanto submarket of San Diego.


WHAT IS A 1031 EXCHANGE? An exchange is rarely a swap of properties between two parties. 1031 Exchanges are not really exchanges in the context of a two-party barter. A properly structured 1031 ‘LIKE-KIND’ EXCHANGE allows an investor to sell a property, to reinvest the proceeds in a new property and to defer all capital […]


$60,000 GAIN USING DOUG TABER I was able to attract and close on a higher sales price for my client due to my experience with FHA and VA loans. We received multiple-offers on these properties. Our highest offers were from buyers that wanted to use a VA and FHA loan. My seller was not interested […]