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    Apartment Realty Group (ARG) is built on a solid foundation of performance, integrity and dedication. We are a boutique multi-family investment real estate advisory firm with a track record of providing value-added brokerage services to the multi-family investment market.

    We provide investors with real-time market information and unique access to more investors and capital than any other source. Our experience allows us to provide solid advice, allowing our clients to make sound investment decisions through any market cycle.


    We pride ourselves on being able to locate the ‘below-the-radar’ investors. Anyone can locate the so-called ‘usual suspect’ however, we pride ourselves on being to maximize values for property owners by being able to create maximum competition for each asset we market with our proactive, multi-channeled marketing campaign uncovering the buyer that will pay the highest possible price and best possible terms.

    Type A Investors: This group owns larger portfolios of properties spread throughout the nation (ie: Pension Funds, Banks, Life Insurance Companies and REITs). Acquisition criteria typically focuses on large (100+ units) assets in major MSAs.

    Type B Investors: Professional investors, main business is real estate earning a living by operating and selling investment properties (ie: Developers, Syndicators, General Partnerships).

    Type C Investors: Private, individual investors, (ie: ‘Mom and Pop’ owners). Typically ‘below the radar’ buyer, we have relationships with the largest pool of this investor-class and its brokers. These buyers typically tend to pay a higher price.


    In this current marketplace the key to selling investment real estate (local apartments) is
    MAXIMUM EXPOSURE in the marketing of your property. We are able to allow for optimal positioning of the real estate asset by deriving a custom tailored marketing strategy for each property.

    Our marketing platform and customized plan ensure that the property will be presented to an expanded marketplace, creating the broadest buyer exposure and maximizing value for our clients. Our goal is to position the asset to the buyer that will RECOGNIZE THE PROPERTY’S HIGHEST VALUE.

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