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    About Doug Taber

    To be a successful real estate investor in apartment buildings and rental properties, you must have a trusted Real Estate Broker to partner with. A Realtor who understands the nuance of selling rental property, has an understanding of local and state landlord / tenant laws in order to keep you out of hot water, and a broker who has a reputation in the marketplace for getting transactions to the closing table.

    Doug Taber The Rental Realtor is the partner you have been looking for. Doug personally sells apartment buildings and rental properties throughout San Diego county. Through his workshops, webinars, and network of real estate partners, Doug has served real estate investors throughout Southern California and across the country.  In 2018 Doug earned the coveted CCIM accreditation in serving real estate investors.

    “You will get everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” ~Zig Zigler

    Doug places his client’s success above his own. Doug has committed to a personal guarantee that he will CARE MORE about his clients than any of his competition does. Rental Realtor, CCIM, San Diego Rotarian, US Marine Corps Veteran, & John 3:16 Believer. Doug’s motto has always been Success Thru Service. Call Doug today to see how you too can benefit from his motto of Success Thru Service. You will not be disappointed. Call Direct: 619-483-1031.